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Choosing Halloween costumes for kids especially the baby's is a big decision.  Little boys love the super hero GI Joe and Batman cool heroes but little girls love to be superhero princesses too.  With a full line of Disney Princess costumes, Harry Potter and pirates kids are guaranteed to have trick or treat fun all day long.  Kids of all ages including adults can go spooky or cute as long as they wear a costume that fits them well, meets safety rules and looks really great too.   Shop our Halloween Party costumes, personalized treat bags and a great selection of decorations for indoors and outdoor at Bonfire Designs.

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Halloween t-shirts and Halloween trick or treat tote bags with matching Halloween ghosts, black cats and pumpkins! Browse our Halloween tees and sweats today!

Costumes For Kids Who Are Super Heroes, Princesses, Pirates and Full of Imagination!

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Picking Halloween costumes for your children is a balancing act between allowing their natural creativity and imagination to run wild and be whoever they want to for one day a year and keeping them safe and outfitted appropriately for trick or treat at night spooky fun, neighborhood parties, haunted rides or the local school parade.  Some considerations to keep in mind whether you are buying a store bought costume or making a creative homemade one including safety, comfort and age appropriate considerations.

1.  Costumes should fit your child fairly well.  Avoid overly loose or baggy ones, as well as costumes that are too long and easy to trip over.

2.  Make sure costumes are flame retardant so children aren't in danger near burning jack-o-lanterns.  Fire authorities tell us that unless a costume specifically states that it is "flame-retardant" on the package, it may pose the risk of fire and burning up quickly to anyone wearing it.  If the package says "keep away from flame" or offers no warning or guarantee, it should be assumed that the costume's material is flammable.  Be sure lit pumpkins and candles are placed out of the way of children or grownup costumes.

3.  Bright colors and reflective materials are recommended for after dark treat or treaters.

4.  Consider creative and fun makeup for boys and girls instead of masks that limit vision and get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable when for a while.

5.  Consider the weather in your area when choosing a costume.  In some areas it's not just dark and spooky at night, it's cold too!  If you are going to be indoors at a party consider how warm it will be after a while when making your decision.


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